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The climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing our industry and there’s no time to lose. As airlines, we need to reshape the future of air travel for generations to come. Together, we are committed to further reducing our carbon footprint by finding new ways to cut emissions, make our fleets more efficient and better care for the world we connect. We’re challenging ourselves to innovate, reaching for new heights to find as-yet undiscovered solutions that we can put into practice across our industry. We’ve got what it takes. Together, SkyTeam airlines can help create a more sustainable future for our industry.


SkyTeam is excited to introduce The Sustainable Flight Challenge. This initiative challenges participating airlines to go above and beyond by finding the most sustainable way to operate one single flight in their existing networks. The Sustainable Flight Challenge isn’t simply about taking part; it’s about coming together to take responsibility for the future. All learnings and innovations from these dedicated flights will be shared openly, helping power the changes our industry and communities need to take to the skies more sustainably.


The inaugural Sustainable Flight Challenge is taking place as many airlines continue to face significant headwinds brought about by COVID-19. While this means that not all member airlines will be able to take part in this first trial year, every member – and the industry as a whole – will benefit from the challenge. That’s because everything we learn we will share open source. It’s our commitment to finding new ways to reduce our industry’s footprint and bring the future of sustainable air travel forward.  What’s more, we hope to broaden participation in years to come.

Ed Bastian
Climate change remains the biggest long-term challenge that our industry faces. We are participating in The Sustainable Flight Challenge because we believe we must all work together to drive forward innovative and impactful solutions that can deliver real change for the future of air travel.

Pieter Elbers
Collaboration and innovation are the foundation of KLM's further transition into a sustainable airline. The Sustainable Flight Challenge is an excellent example of how we can improve our industry by working together and sharing knowledge on how to create positive value while reducing our negative impact. I am very proud of the KLM colleagues who came up with this inspiring Challenge, that is now fully embraced and brought further by our SkyTeam partners. By combining our strengths, we can bring our industry to a higher level of sustainability.


The Sustainable Flight Challenge was the brainchild of a group of KLM employees called the Bold Moves who, in a quest for ambitious new ways to make flying more sustainable, drew inspiration from the 1934 ‘Greatest Air Race’ from London to Melbourne. During this race, flight pioneers proved how long-distance commercial aviation was possible. The Sustainable Flight Challenge takes up the baton from these early innovators to make sustainable air travel a reality. SkyTeam was so inspired by The Sustainable Flight Challenge idea, that we brought it under the alliance umbrella to encourage all our member airlines and their partners to take part. The Sustainable Flight Challenge is one of the ways SkyTeam and its members are supporting our recent partnership with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), which also forms the basis for the initiative.

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